Container controls are used to group controls together. Some properties of the container overrule the same property in the contained controls. If the container is not editable, then none of the contained controls can be edited, even if they individually have the Editable property set to true.


The following tables describe the types of containers.

Container Description


A frame is simply a rectangle into which other controls can be “dropped”. In Form Designer, the frame and the controls that it contains can be moved together. A frame can have different border styles and colors than the form that it is part of.

Tab Control

A form is similar to a book, in that it contains several pages or frames. Only one of these pages is visible at a time. You can switch between the pages by clicking the tabs.

Data Containers

Data container Description

Table Box

A special kind of container that holds repeated data controls and is used to create columnar tables. Each data control contained by the table box constitutes one column for which a static control is used as a heading. The rows are created by vertically repeating each data control. If the table box displays records from a table, each row displays one record.

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