You customize a menu suite in Navigation Pane Designer. To access design options, right-click menu buttons, menu groups, menu items. or anywhere in the content pane area. The following procedure describes how you can customize a MenuSuite object by creating a menu item in Navigation Pane Designer. For more information about creating MenuSuite objects, see How to: Create and Modify a MenuSuite Object.

To create a menu item in Navigation Pane Designer

  1. In Navigation Pane Designer, right-click the content pane area, a menu group, or a menu item, and then click Create Item.

  2. In the Create Item window, fill in the following fields.

    Field Definition

    Object Type

    The following object types are available from the drop-down box: Table, Form, Report, Batch Job, Codeunit, Dataport.

    Object ID

    To select a specific object from a list. For example, if you select Report as the object type, then the Report List window displays.


    By default, contains the name that has been assigned to the menu item. You can rename it here if you want.


    Contains the code for the language that you use on your computer and the name of the menu item, for example, ENU=General Journals. If the menu item will be used in different languages by different users, you must give the menu item a name in each language. When you click the AssistButton, the Multilanguage Editor window opens where you can enter a menu item name for each language code.

  3. Click OK.


    The MenuSuite also defines the Departments section of the RoleTailored client. If the RoleTailored client is currently open, you will not see your changes until you close and restart it. For more information about departments, see Touring the RoleTailored Client Windows.

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