After you have specified the transformation input by using the Transformation Input File (TIF) Editor, you must generate the files that will be used as input to the form transformation tool.

Depending on the scope of your input specifications, you must generate all five or fewer files. For more information about the specifications that each input file contains, see Understanding Form Transformation Input Files.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

To export files from the TIF Editor

  1. In the Transformation Forms window, select the forms for which you want to export specifications from the TIF Editor.

  2. In the Transformation Forms window, click Setup, and then click Transformation Setup Card.

  3. In the Transformation Setup window, under TIF path Export, verify the path to which the transformation input files will be exported, and then close the window.

  4. In the Transformation Forms window, click Functions, and then click Create All Transformation Input.


    To create the transformation input files one at a time, click Functions, click Create Transformation Input, and then select one of the transformation input files.