You can add images or icons to the actions that are in the Action Pane and in the menus on a page by using Page Designer or by specifying additional input when you transform your forms. This topic describes how to add an image to an action during form transformation.

The following illustration shows the Add Image by Caption window that is part of the TIF Editor with examples of images added to actions for page 21, Customer Card.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

Adding Images to Actions

To add an image to an action by using the TIF Editor

  1. In the Transformation Forms window, click Input, point to Add by Caption, and then click Image to Action.

  2. In the Add Image by Caption window, in the CaptionML field, add the CaptionML for the action to which you want to add an image.


    All actions in all forms in the application that have the same value in the CaptionML field will be assigned the image that you add.

  3. In the NewName field, add the name of the image file that you want to add to the action. Use the lookup button to select the image from a list.

  4. Close the Add Image by Caption window to save your changes.


    If you want to add a big image to an action, after you have added the image by using the steps in this procedure, go to the Page Actions window and specify Yes in the Promoted is Big field. For more information, see How to: Promote Actions to the Action Pane By Using Transformation Input.


    If you want to assign a big image to all actions with a specific caption, use the Big Image to Action function under Add by Caption in the Input menu. For example, all actions with caption Post have a big image.