In this topic you will investigate whether a user can read data from other departments.

You will log on to the database as TestUser and open forms in the General Ledger to check if data is displayed.

To check read access to forms

  1. In the General Ledger, click Chart of Accounts to open the Chart of Account window. This window only shows data for the ADM department.

  2. In the Chart of Account window, click Balance, and then click G/L Balance by Dimension to open the G/L Balance by Dimension window.

    This is a matrix form that displays a summary of the balances for all the accounts in the chart of accounts. The list of balances can be presented in several ways by applying different filters. In this window, you select the different dimensions that you use to filter the data displayed in the G/L Balance by Dimension window.

  3. Select Department and click OK to return to the G/L Balance by Dimension window. This window now displays three totals—one for each department.

    Unfortunately, TestUser is only supposed to be able to see the total for the Administration department.

  4. In the Total Amount field for the Sales department, click the AssistButton to open the General Ledger Entries window.

    This window is empty which means that some of the security filters you have implemented are being applied and TestUser cannot see the G/L entries for the other departments.

However, TestUser is not supposed to be able to see all the totals in the G/L Balance by Dimension window. You will need to review the code that this form contains to see if there are any places where the code should be improved so that it can support security filters.

For more information about how to add code to ensure that users cannot access secure data, see How to: Add Code to Forms to Support Security Filters.

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