Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 provides application enhancements to address customer requests, including optimized data entry functions, improved purchase posting in jobs, simpler VAT handling, and various improvements in most application areas.


If this service pack version is your first experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, then see the topic "What's New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009" in the RoleTailored client Help to read about features that were introduced in the original Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 release.

Improved and Enhanced User Experience in the RoleTailored Client

The RoleTailored client has been optimized with the following improvements.

Zoom in on Information Additions

  • About This Page and About This Report features: You can view information about all fields and values that are in the table on which a page or report is based. For example, you may need to know the value of a field that is not displayed on the page but is available in the underlying table. You can click Help, and then click About This Page to see data for the currently selected page.

  • Progress indicator: Now you can easily see how much data has been processed. If the process is taking longer than expected or is no longer needed, then you can press Cancel to stop processing.

Data Entry Enhancements

Several data entry changes have been added to help make you more productive in the RoleTailored client. They include:

  • Calculations in fields: You can enter simple expressions in a field to make calculations in place.

  • Single-cell data copying: You can copy only the data in a cell in a list and paste that value elsewhere, and you can also copy the entire row.

  • Excel-like navigation: In editable lists, you can use arrow keys in the same way as you do in Microsoft Office Excel.

  • Streamlined data entry: You can view and edit data in place in a revised set of forms with matrices. Data entry has been improved to allow easy editing, and the user experience has been made simpler. The set includes:

    • G/L Budget

    • Purchase Budget Overview

    • Sales Budget Overview

    • Resource Capacity

    • Production Forecast

Filtering Improvements

  • Advanced filters: There are improvements in the user experience for choosing fields, so that the options that are presented are narrowed to help you focus on the visible current context but still maintain access to all fields.

  • Search: You can search for pages, report views, and other items with the Search box, just like in Internet Explorer and Outlook. You can also press CTRL+F3 to move the cursor to the Search box quickly.

  • Filter As You Type: Auto completion has been enabled and improved in more places in the RoleTailored client. You can turn off this feature in the Customize This Page dialog box by clearing the Enable automatic filter in lookup fields field. An alternate way of selecting from a list is to press CTRL+F4, which opens a related, relevant list.

Keyboard Shortcut Changes

Keyboard shortcuts have been changed to improve productivity for users of previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In addition, new keyboard shortcuts have been added to improve navigation within the RoleTailored client. For example, you can navigate from record to record by pressing the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to move to the next item in a list and from card to card by pressing CTRL+PAGE UP or CTRL+PAGE DOWN.

Customization and Personalization Changes

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 introduces several customization improvements to enhance productivity, including:

  • Split box: You can use the split box to control how much information is displayed, such as information in various Role Center parts or in a Lines FastTab.

  • Save View As: Once you set up how you want to see the data that you manage every day, you can save your view of it. Moreover, you can also share your view with your coworkers.

  • Reset user-specified settings: You can easily undo your personalizations and return to the default setup. In your Role Center, click Customize on the menu bar, and then click Delete Personalization Settings.

Online Connect with Community

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 introduces a Role Center part that connects you with the Internet to provide you with resources such as product updates, newsgroups, online training, and other self-help tools. The types of information that you see are targeted to your role.

For information about the new UI and user experience, see "Learn About the RoleTailored Design" in the RoleTailored client Help.

Application Improvements

Feature improvements and error corrections in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 include:

Jobs Improvements

  • Better support for jobs in foreign currencies and alignment with sales document functionality; therefore, LCY amount fields are now not editable.

  • Corrected purchase posting in the jobs application area.

  • Improved transparency and traceability after posting purchase orders.

  • Job Ledger Entries reflect an item's actual cost. The Automatic Update Job Item Cost field has been added to the Jobs Setup window. The adjustment process and its results are the same as when you run the Update Job Item Cost batch job.

VAT Improvements

  • Provides a one-to-one relationship between VAT and general ledger entries, which enables efficient general ledger to VAT reconciliation reports. A person in the controller or auditor role can verify each general ledger entry’s corresponding VAT entry and vice versa.

  • Line and Invoice Discount postings have separate VAT specifications and are no longer aggregated into Sales VAT postings. In addition, a table has been added to provide a link between VAT and general ledger entries.

Warehouse Management and Supply Planning Corrections

  • Warehouse granularity

  • Multiple units of measure

  • Partial scenarios with item tracking

Documentation about these improvements and corrections has been included in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Help.

Company Setup Improvements

The Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) Toolkit, which helps you quickly implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV, has been improved for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1:

  • Improved import/export function to handle all table data types except Binary, BLOB, Table filter, and Record ID.

  • Added Migration Overview options:

    • Turn on and off validation of table relations.

    • Exclude imported fields from the Apply Data function.

  • Improved error handling so that you can correct errors as they occur in the same context where you can see them.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration

You can only perform certain security and administration tasks using the Classic client. For more information, see "Security, Database, and Other Administration" in the RoleTailored client Help.

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