Creates and launches a form object, which you specify. If, at design time, you do not know the specific form that you want to run, use this function or the FORM.RUNMODAL Function (Form).

FORM.RUN(Number [, Record] [, Field])



Type: Integer

A number that identifies a form object. If you enter zero (0), the default lookup window for the current form is displayed. You can use the Symbols option on the View menu to choose from a list.

If the form that you specify does not exist, a run-time error occurs.


Type: Record

The Form.RUN function shows, by default, the record last displayed on the form. For each object, information about the most recently shown record and the attached key and filters is stored.

Use this optional parameter to select a specific record to display on the form. The record must be of the same type as the table attached to the window. When the record is displayed, the key and filters attached to the record are used.


Type: Field

Use this optional parameter to select a specific field on which focus will be placed.

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