Menus in a menu suite that are inherited from the previous MenuSuite object level are upgraded when you upgrade the corresponding MenuSuite object. These menus have the >> symbol on the menu button to the left of the menu name. Any changes that you have made to these menus will be merged into the new menu suite when you upgrade. For example, a menu item that you have added to a menu group but where the menu group’s contents now have changed after an upgrade will be placed as the last menu item in the menu group.

Lost Items

There will be cases where a straightforward merge cannot be made. For example, if you have added a menu item to a menu group that is no longer a part of the menu after an upgrade, then no merge can be made. Instead, the menu item will be placed in a Lost Items group at the bottom of the menu tree. Another example would be if you had added one or more menu items to a menu that is no longer present in the menu suite after an upgrade. In such a situation, the menu items will be placed in a Lost Items menu.

After an upgrade, you can take action on the menu items in a Lost Items group or menu—either by inserting them somewhere in another menu or by deleting them. A Lost Items group or menu is not visible in Navigation Pane at runtime.

New Menus

New menus that you have created are not affected by an upgrade. If there are new menu items available after the upgrade that you would like to insert in these menus, you will have to add them manually.

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