You can use a text box to display many records from a database table at the same time. A table box contains columns and rows, and you can move through the records either by using the vertical scroll bars or by using the arrow keys or PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN. If the form is too narrow to display all the columns, a horizontal scroll bar is automatically added to the control. You can use a form wizard to create a form with a table box.

To create a table box

  1. Open the form in Form Designer.

  2. Open Toolbox and select the table box tool.

  3. Drag and drop in the design area to create a table box.

  4. Set the SourceTable property of the form to the name of the table that you want to use.

  5. Click View, and then click Field Menu to open the Field Menu window.

  6. Select the fields that you want in the table box from the Field Menu and click twice inside the table box. The first click activates Form Designer and the second click inserts the fields. A column is added for each field, and each row will display a record from the table. A label, derived in the same way as a label for any text box, is added as a column heading.

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