Before you can run a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 object, you must compile the object. To compile an object, in Object Designer, click Tools, and then click Compile. Any syntax errors are displayed in a dialog box. Any errors or warnings about obsolete constructs in a three-tier environment are displayed in the Error List window. The following types of obsolete construct errors and warnings are displayed:


Unsupported function calls for reports are not reported in the Error List window.

If you select an error in the Error List window and then click Design, then the C/AL Editor opens for the object to which the error or warning relates.

Wrapping Obsolete Constructs

If you develop applications for both the Classic architecture and the RoleTailored architecture, then you may have some constructs in your code that are obsolete when run on the RoleTailored architecture but are valid when run on the Classic architecture. We recommend that you wrap these constructs in an IF statement that calls the ISSERVICETIER system function. The Error List window does not display obsolete constructs that are contained in an IF ISSERVICETIER conditional block of code.

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