If a database table contains large fields with lengthy content, then using the standard one-line text box is not the best way to present this information. Instead, you can customize a text box so that it wraps text into multiple lines.

When you enter or edit text, the line scrolls horizontally. When focus is not on the text box, the contents of the field will be formatted in multiple lines. Automatic line breaks occur only after a space, and you can insert line breaks ("hard newlines") by embedding a backslash character ("\") in a text string. To display a backslash, enter "\\".

To display more than one line of text

  1. Open the form in Form Designer.

  2. Select the text box and enlarge it vertically by resizing.

  3. Open the Properties window for the text box and set the value of the Multiline property to Yes.

  4. Run the form.

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