With Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 supports Web services, which makes it easy for other system to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Web service integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is facilitated through Web service–enabled pages and codeunits.


Web services support communication across platforms and programming languages.

Solutions that need to execute business logic or read data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV are candidates for Web service implementation. These can also be solutions that write data to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and validate the data using existing business logic.

Consider using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services to:

  • Validate or enter customer information.

  • Enter sales orders.

  • Query items on stock (delivery dates, discounts, prices, and so on).

  • Create purchase orders.

  • Initiate various Microsoft Dynamics NAV operations.

  • Execute any kind of business logic that is more easily developed and managed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Security noteSecurity Note

When developing Web service applications, never trust data that comes from the outside your company. You must always validate your data.

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