Deletes a single record.

Executing the Delete operation in a Web service first executes the OnDeleteRecord Trigger on the designated page. If application code in the OnDeleteRecord trigger for the page returns true, then the OnDelete Trigger for the corresponding table is executed. If no fault occurs, the record is deleted from the database.

If the application code in the trigger returns false, then the OnDelete trigger is not executed. This does not necessarily mean that the record has not been deleted, because it may have been deleted explicitly by the application code for the page's OnDeleteRecord trigger.

The return value from the Delete operation is the return value from the page's OnDeleteRecord trigger.

If Delete returns true, then the record has been deleted. If Delete has thrown a fault, then the record has not been deleted. But when Delete returns false, then this indicates that there was application logic involved, and the record may or may not have been deleted.

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