Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an integrated debugger to help you check, correct, or modify code so that your application can build successfully and run as expected.

Activate the Debugger

You can activate the debugger from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and from Classic Application Server.

To activate the debugger from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, click Tools, click Debugger, and then click Active. You can also start Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the debugger active from the command line. To do this, use the debug parameter: fin.exe debug.

To activate the debugger from Classic Application Server, you need include the debug parameter at start-up. For example:

nas debug,startupparameter=”test”,servername=PC0123

If you deactivate the debugger, you cannot activate it again unless you terminate Classic Application Server and then start it with the debug parameter.


To be able to activate the debugger, there must be a developer license file in the Classic Application Server installation folder.

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