Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is closely integrated with Visual Studio Report Designer.

RDLC Report Layouts

You can create a client report definition (RDLC) layout for Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports so they can be viewed from the RoleTailored client. This is done by using Visual Studio Report Designer. For more information, see Redesigning Classic Reports with Visual Studio Report Designer.

Viewing Classic Client Reports from the RoleTailored Client

If you do not want to create RDLC layouts for reports so that they can be viewed from the RoleTailored client, then you can use the Classic client to view the reports while running the RoleTailored client. Reports that do not have an RDLC report layout are displayed with the Classic client report viewer. If a report has its layout defined in an .rdlc file, then the report is displayed in the RoleTailored client.


To enable viewing Classic client reports from the RoleTailored client, you must enable TCP/IP on the computer running SQL Server. To do this, start SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration node, and then click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER. If TCP/IP is not enabled, right-click TCP/IP, and then click Enable.

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