IOutMessage Interface

The OutMessage object is the object that is returned to the application when the latter calls CreateOutMessage on the ICommunicationComponent interface. The object allows the application to write data to the object's stream interface. When the application finishes writing data to the message, the message can be sent to the message bus using one of two methods. The Send method sends the message whereas SendWaitForReply sends the message and waits until it receives a reply from the recipient of the message.

IOutMessage Methods



Gets the stream interface of the message contents.


Sends the message to the message bus.


Sends the OutMessage object and waits for an InMessage object containing a reply.


Property Name



Sets the priority of the message.


Denotes the network protocol that is used when you connect to the queue that will send your message.


Reflects the mode in which the queue is opened that will send the message.