Opens a queue to receive reply messages (when you use SendWaitForReply). If the queue does not exist and the protocol is set to OS, the method tries to create a queue and fails if this is not possible.


[In] Name

The name of the queue in one of the following:

  • MachineName\QueueName (OS or PathName)

  • IPAddress\QueueName (TCP)

  • SPXAddress\QueueName (SPX)

[In] Protocol

Refers to the network protocol that you must use when you connect to the queue. The options are:

  • 0: OS (default value) - any machine name supported by the underlying operating system. For Microsoft Windows NT4, it is either UNC or DNS.

  • 1: TCP (TCP/IP) - Internet address notation (IP address).

  • 2: SPX - network number and host number (separated by the ":" character).

[In] Mode

Reflects the mode in which the queue will be opened. The mode options are:

  • 0: DIRECT (default value) - see the MSDN Platform SDK (Opening Queues with a Direct Format Name) for further information.

  • 1: PRIVATE

  • 2: PUBLIC

When the protocol contains a value that has no meaning, the default OS protocol is used. When you set Mode to DIRECT, a FormatName is used. Any other Mode uses a PathName.

More information:

IMSMQBusAdapter Interface