IInMessage Interface

The InMessage is the incoming equivalent of OutMessage. The application receives the InMessage either through the MessageReceived event of ICommunicationComponent interface, or through the SendWaitForReply method of the OutMessage.

The InMessage object has a stream interface through which the application can read data from the object. When the application is finished reading data, the application should call CommitMessage to indicate that the message object is no longer needed.

Method Name



Gets the stream interface of the message object.


Commits that the message has been read.


Creates an OutMessage object that is used to create a reply.


Property Name



When you set this property to True, you indicate that the sender of the message expects a reply.


This property reveals the IP address of the sender of the message. You use this property to authenticate the sender.
Note that the property only can be used for the Navision Socket Bus Adapter.