The Navision Communication Component


The Navision Communication Component version 2.0 is the generic interface of Navision. It is an automation server that allows external services to stream data to, for example, Navision Application Server. It also enables Navision to stream data to external services. Function calls can occur synchronously or asynchronously.

The Navision Communication Component ensures that no matter which type of bus adapter you use, the data communication between Navision and the Navision Communication Component is always the same. Although the Named Pipe, Socket and Microsoft Message Queue adapters are supplied with the Navision Communication Component, you can add other transport mechanisms if necessary.

The following diagram provides an overview of how we enable Navision to communicate with the outside world.

Conceptual design

When Navision wishes to send a message, it hands this message over to the Navision Communication Component. This in turn hands the message over to the specified bus adapter, which ensures that the message is transported correctly to its destination. Incoming messages are handled in the same way, only in reverse order.

Navision is responsible for processing the contents of the message. The Navision Communication Component controls the various bus adapters. This ensures that a consistent application programming interface (API) is used to access each of them. Each bus adapter implements a specific data transfer method, for example, Named Pipe.

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