Logs a user into a database.



Function Login(ByVal UserID As String, ByVal PassWord As String) As Boolean

Login name.

The password belonging to UserID.


Login plays a double role: it controls access to tables in a multiuser environment, and it provides password protection for user verification. The function must be called if more than one user (UserCount > 0) is permitted to open the database tables.

A successful login, however, does not ensure access to the data. Anyone can open a database and then, after logging in, inspect table descriptions, but gaining access to data tables requires further verification. The security mechanisms in C/SIDE allow any or all tables to be protected against unauthorized users. A typical user, for example, may only have read access to the tables in one company, may be able to read and write to the tables in another company and have no access at all to the tables in a third company. Login returns 1 for a successful login and 0 for an unsuccessful login.

User IDs are stored in an internal table in the database. The contents of this table cannot be changed by any of the functions in the library, although the current User ID can be retrieved by UserID. User IDs can only be created, modified and deleted within C/SIDE.

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