Entering Durations

You enter a duration as a number followed by its unit of measure.

Here are some examples:


2 hrs

6h 30 m

6 hrs 30 mins


6 hrs 30 mins


1 hr 30 mins

2d 6h 30m

2 days 6 hrs 30 mins

2d 6h 30m 56s 600ms

2 days 6 hrs 30 mins 56 secs 600 msecs

You can also enter a number and it is automatically converted to a duration by the program. The number you enter is converted according to the default unit of measure that has been specified for the duration field.

To see what unit of measure is being used in a duration field, enter a number and see which unit of measure the program converts it to.

5 is converted to 5 hrs, if the unit of measure is hours.

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