Giving a Database Login a Role

In the following example of how to give a database login a role, you will give the superuser the appropriate permissions.

To Give a Database Login a Role:

  1. Click Tools, Security, Database Logins and the Database Logins window appears. Make sure that the current record symbol on the left side of the window is next to the login of the user to whom you want to assign this role.

  2. Click Roles at the bottom of the window. The Roles window for this database login appears. This window lists the roles that this user has been given.

  3. In the Role ID field, click the AssistButton. The Roles window appears listing the standard roles that come with the program.

  4. Select the role that you want to give to this database login and click OK.

You can give each user one or more roles as needed by following this procedure.

As a default, permissions apply to all the companies in the database but they can be restricted to a particular company. To do this, enter the name of the company (or use the AssistButton in the Company field on the right side of the window). For permissions to apply to several companies, you must set up one line per company (each line starting with the same role ID). If you specify that the permissions a user has only apply to a particular company in the database, the user in question will only be able to see that company.

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