Creating Windows Logins

You can add a Windows user or group to the list of Windows logins that can access the system. Users that have been given a Windows login must use Windows authentication to gain access to the database.

To Create a Windows Login:

  1. Click Tools, Security, Windows Logins to open the Windows Logins window.

  2. In the ID field, click the AssistButton and the Windows Users & Groups window appears listing all the Windows users and groups that are available in the current domain.

  3. Select the Windows user or group for which you want to create a Windows login.

  4. Click OK and the Windows user or group will be added to the Windows Logins window.


You must enter both the Windows group and the Windows account for each individual user that is a member of that group in the Windows Login table. You do not need to assign any Microsoft Dynamics NAV roles to the individual users as long as the roles that the Windows group is assigned contain all the permissions that the users need.

In the SQL Server Option, the users Windows account must be entered in the Windows Login table before any SQL permissions can be assigned to that user in the SQL database.


Every time you make any changes to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system you must synchronize the security system with SQL Server.

To synchronize the security system, click Tools, Security, Synchronize. To synchronize the security system, you must have permission to access the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system.

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