Using Online Map to Find a Location

You can get a map from your online map service showing address and location of, for example, a customer or a vendor. Online Map is accessible from the following cards in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by clicking the pushpin icon next to the Country/Region Code field: Location Card, Customer Card, Vendor Card, Company Information, Resource Card, Job Card, Ship-to Address, Order Address, Bank Account Card, Contact Card, Employee Card.


The pushpin icon is only visible on the cards if the Online Map Setup table contains records. Read Setting up Online Map to see how you can import a set of default records.

To Find a Location in Online Map:

  1. Open a card.

  2. Click the pushpin icon next to the Country/Region Code or Post Code/City field to open a selection window.

  3. Select the Map button and click OK.

  4. Online Map opens a map with the address location you have defined.

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