Getting Help

There are four ways to get Help in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

The F1 Key

When you press the F1 key, you get specific Help for the part of the program where you have placed the cursor. For example, if the cursor is in the Name field of the Customer table, you will get information regarding that specific field and how it relates to the table.

The Help Button in the Window

When you click the Help button, you will see the Help for the window. If there is no Help for the window, the Help for the underlying table, report or batch job is displayed.

The Help Tool Icon and Help, What's This... on the Menu Bar

When you click one of these, the cursor becomes a Help cursor. Place the cursor on the part of the window you want help for and click once to open the Help topic.

The Help cursor will become an ordinary cursor again when the Help is displayed or when you press Esc.

Help on the Menu Bar

The Help menu contains four items:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help gives you a table of contents for the Help system. You can choose Help for different subjects here.

C/SIDE Reference Guide opens the Help system for programmers. You can find Help on functions, triggers, data types and properties.

What's This transforms the cursor to a Help cursor that can retrieve Help for everything on the window.

Overview of F-Keys displays an overview of the function keys in the program. (The function keys appear in a row at the top of your keyboard. You can use them instead of the function menus in the program.)

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV displays product information, including the version number of the program.

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