Item Filter Field

The Item Analysis View Table

This field contains a filter to specify the items that will be included in an analysis view. By setting filters, you also specify that only entries posted to the filter items will be included when an analysis view is updated. You must use the standard filter expressions.



Sample Expression

Included in Update

Equal to


 Entries from item no. 6210.


5510 .. 5531

Entries from items no. 5510 through 5531.



Entries with item no. 1200 or 1300.

Different from


All items except 1200.


 You can also combine the various format expressions, for example:


5999|8100 .. 8490

Include any entries with the item no. 5999 and in item nos. from the interval 8100 through 8490.


Include entries with an item no. less than or equal to 1299 or with an item no. equal to 1400 or greater (all items except 1300 through 1399).








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