Item Tracking Availability

When you work with lot or serial numbers, the program calculates availability information for lot and serial numbers and shows it in the various item tracking windows. The purpose of this is to allow you to see how much of a lot or serial number is currently being used on other documents, thereby reducing errors and uncertainty caused by double allocations.

In the Item Tracking Lines window, the program shows a warning icon in the Availability, Lot No. or Availability, Serial No. field if some or all of the quantity you have selected is already being used in other documents or if the lot or serial number is not available.

In the Lot No./Serial No.-List window, the Lot No./Serial No.-Availability window, and the Item Tracking – Select Entries window, the program provides information about how much quantity of an item is being used. This includes the following information:

As a performance measure, the program collects the availability information in the Item Tracking Lines window only once when you open the window. This means that the program does not update the availability information during the time that you have the window open, even if changes occur in inventory or on other documents during that time. If you work in the Item Tracking Lines window for a long period of time or if there is a great deal of activity with the item you are working with, you can update the availability information by clicking Functions, Refresh Availability.

The program automatically re-checks the availability of the item when you close the window to confirm that there are no availability problems.

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